I build playgrounds for people who see the unseen

Rooms where visionary leaders gather. Containers where manifesting meets action.  Create kitchens where recipe-free cooks to get better and more efficient. Places for new cooks and recipe-driven cooks to try new things. Opportunities and communities where entrepreneurs, executives, social innovators, humans hell-bent on equity, healers, writers, artists and dreamers of all kind…

I build opportunities for like minded humans to build an honest vision. Catered to your tastes…

What I do

Because Doing Your Thing With Empowerment and Vision
Should Never Start With Second Guessing

Too many times we march through life to the beat of society’s drum. I don’t know about you, but I feel like that drum beat sucks. I can’t shake my ass to it and quite honestly it throws me off the grove I want to be in.

The kind that makes me not just like life… but fall in love with it, over and over again.

You can’t do that by following the rules blindly. You do that by tapping into your soul and finding the pieces of yourself that belong out in the open, wild and free.
And pairing that with a system that makes sense for you.

I live my life off of these ideas, and I am hoping and praying to the stars that I can help you do the same. Go ahead. Peek below on how to do that.

I want you to expand your capacity to live and operate freely.  

It should start with making the decision that whatever you’re doing and wherever you are in that journey, that your ideas, your aspirations, and your visions are so, SO worth it. 

Because they are. And so are you.

Hey, visionary. Welcome home. To your sanctuary. Where you can play and explore and decide how you want to take your dreams and turn them into reality. 

Promise, there's a little somethin'-somethin' for everyone


"Makenna shifted everything in the way I showed up.  My life, my business, my relationships...They all changed."

got her groove back:



"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"

Made six figures:


real results

Some might call it manifesting. It's not exactly that, it's more effective than that.   There's no privileged Law of Attraction nonsense in sight. 

It all starts with Future Writing®, and tiny (we're talking miniscule) steps for massive, life-changing results.  

Actualizaton Coaching

I am the founder of the Courageous Cooking® School, the first cooking curriculum created to explain how to create deliciousness from any ingredient you have on-hand.  

A progressive, immersive experience that turns home cooks into humans who think more like chefs.  

Recipe-Free Cooking

My core offering for business mentorship is INCANDESCENCE.  Created with world-shaping, culture quaking entrepreneurs in mind, it's focused on meeting you where you are, catapulting you to where you want to be, and not losing your boldness in the process.  

Business Mentorship

What sort of things I do...

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“whatever you long for, is possible.  Sometimes it just takes building some (or a lot of) capacity”


You're looking to make things happen in your business, in direct integrity with your natural energetics

You want to be more connected to YOU, make MORE money (not just FOR you, but for your community), and do so in alignment with your values.  



You know that you want it to be more aligned to your values, feel a bit like sunshine and rainbows (in the good way) while you build your own business acumen. Oh yeah, and you can make bank, too.

Look, the universe created you the way that you are so that your powers can shine, and shine brilliantly at that.  It’s just a matter of figuring out how so that you can be your boldest and brightest.  And give a few less fucks what people think along the way.  

Whatever your business currently looks like, you’ve got a vision to make it better. For you and your clients/customers.


Courageous Cooking


Foodie love is beyond the ingredients. It’s within the love for the process. It’s saying f*ck it to the cookbooks you’ve already memorized and embracing the experience of tasting and feeling and touching and being.

Enter the cooking school your foodie heart beats for. 

Look, I didn’t become a foodie because I love restrictive instructions and following them blindly. The best things break the rules and explore what’s around them with passion.


You're ready to take your cooking to a new level, and be able to shop AND cook with more joy. 

And less grease stains on your favorite cookbooks.

You're not in need of business coaching, but you're ready to make big moves in your life and business with more grace, and greater joy. 



And not because of any sort of accident.  But utterly and completely on purpose.  Thanks to a skill I built during my childhood that I call 'Future Writing'.  This is a tool I've taught to thousands of humans, and it supports you in manifesting your biggest dreams expediently and on purpose.  

In 2016, I made the leap and bought Julia Child's former summer home in FRANCE, site unseen.  

Future Writing


The entire REVENUE of my first launch


Number of times I cried about that


the amount of humans on the team these days


Our best year in revenue

Learn Future Writing , FOR FREE, right now.  And start today. 

Ready to actualize your soul's deepest longings in consort with your personal energetics?

lets do this.