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Social entrepreneur & Investor who bucks against the status quo through integrous leadership, radical business models, creativity, and disruptive messaging.


I’m the founder and (co) creator of several enterprises including:  La Peetch, The Courageous Cooking School, and The Art of Traction.  I’m also the author of the forth-coming book Out of Her Shoes.  


I love to travel the world and speak about my 18 years of entrepreneurial investments and experiences from cultivating new pathways, going against the grain, scaling businesses, and managing the doubt spiral.  


Recent Posts + Happenings

Want to learn the art of Future Writing™ to shift your & our collective futures?

Future Writing is a practice that has changed thousands of people’s lives.  It cultivates curiosity, capacity to actualize your desires, and so much more.  It’s $47

Who you like, follow, and friend reflects your values to the world

Integrity is a tricky thing sometimes.  There is so much desire to grow, expand our incomes, and be of deeper service of the world.

You are Plenty, Fuck Enough

There are still spaces in my cooking classes in Vermont, Argentina, & Door County!  And we’re enrolling for 2021 at La Peetch, too!

The Art of Traction Podcast 

Finally, I’m bring my voice out of the kitchen, off the stage, and into your … wherever! I’ll be bringing on regular guests and real-talk interviews, women like you that we collectively can relate to, for all things business and life.



 Are you ready to expand your capacity as a Sovereign CEO™?  I’m not a coach for those looking to be a ‘#bossbabe’ or ‘owner’.  But rather a leader of yourself, the people in your world, & your business. All in service of your highest vision.   

My work is part consulting (business strategy), and part coaching (vision cultivating & unfettering your conditioning).  

If you’re ready to actualize your vision through business coaching that honors sovereignty (and says fuck off to codependency), expands leadership capacity, and is deeply rooted in praxis?
…Look no further


Ready to savor a
(big shift) in how you approach actualizing your vision & cultivating thriving profits in your business?

Get the The Art of Traction mini course & access to an infinitely supportive space ABSOLUTELY FREE.  AND learn the one and only thing you need to change everything. Really.


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Hear more regularly from me!

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