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Life is just a bit more delicious when you write your own recipes.   

I'm Makenna Held. 

Entrepreneur, business mentor & leadership coach, writer, recipe-free cooking teacher, the host of La Pitchoune: Cooking in France on Magnolia Network, and believer that all your wildest dreams are possible. 

What I am up to

In 2015, I bought Julia Child's vacation cottage, site unseen, to open the world's first, French & Farm to Table Recipe-Free Cooking School.  My show is on Magnolia Network, HBO Max, and Discovery+.  I tell the stories of La Pitchoune, her history, my students, and my team and where all our journeys intersect.

La PitchounE:  Cooking in France

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In 2016, I uprooted my life in the states and made the leap to live in France after buying La Pitchoune – the vacation home of Paul and Julia Child. Now it's a rental, and the co-star of my TV show. Wanna come and visit?

La Pitchoune
aka "La Peetch"

The House that Julia Built

What am I up to in the world?

I host recipe-free cooking schools around the world. (AND ONLINE!) From our flagship campus in France (in Julia Child's former vacay home), to Italy, to Mexico and beyond. Wherever you find food you love?  You'll likely find me (and the whole recipe-free crew).

Recipe-Free Cooking Around the World

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Courageous Cooking School

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I work with humans who have spent enough damn time hiding their magic in a bushel basket, and are longing to emerge into their full-flavored selves as humans, entrepreneurs, and leaders.  I do this inside one singular program called, Incandescence.  

Trying to take up more space and really shine in your brilliance?  Go from questionable monthly income to 5k months? Create regular 10k+ months? Or scale to a 7-figure business without losing yourself in the process? I've got you. *insert trust fall*

Coaching for Conscious Commerce™ Companies

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Want to make your wildest dreams happen a bit more gracefully and expediently?

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Ready to Make Your Dreams Come True, Faster and More Efficiently? And in community with incredible like-minded humans?

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