QUIET THE NOISE in the chaos and return to your TRUEST SELF 

Here’s You: A leader who looks perfect …from the outside.

If I had to guess, you’ve got at least a few if not all of the following- the followers on social media, the likes, the wardrobe, the dreamy career, the ideal business. Your life to the average observer looks…. great. Fan-fucking-tastic even!

But, you hold enough self-awareness to recognize how deeply you’re self-deceiving, and can feel the crave for what’s calling you. There’s something on the inside, gasping for it’s phoenix moment to come out and shine.

Ring true? I have a hunch you'll resonate with just a few of these things:

You'Re Bitter that you Expend MOST of your energy...

in SERVICE of taking concrete action. Building that funnel, sending that email, cleaning that bathroom, making the next meal, building the next site. But...What about you?

You're Frustrated with setting Goals...

You do it. Sometimes. But...you just never. got. to. where. you. said. you. would. Something ALWAYS comes up.

You feel angry at the state of the world...

You're a human who longs for more equity for ALL, and the idea of making more money sometimes feels sticky because... Capitalism, The World Is Burning, Climate Change, Power Structures….It’s enough to make your head spin.

You're Tripping on your future...

by thinking a decade ahead instead of adopting a sense of urgency regarding what’s in front of you. In short: most of your goals are just 'better than last month, please and thank you'

You're Feeling Despondant & Overwhelmed with...

keeping your family/yourself fed, your bills covered, and your people paid. Too busy maintaining to see ways to improve things now.

Wanting what you want feels so selfish ...

'How dare I want when so many have so little'. You're not a fan of patriarchal systems of money. So don't want to play in that pool of icky, sticky, ego-driven marketing.

You're Impatient!

I've been working on 'all the things' for so damn long and still nothing is even happening! SO much blah.

you feel despondant for...

wanting what you want, but you can’t pinpoint where this is coming from or why it’s showing up.

but your dreamwork...

needs to be put in the world, too. AND do more than just pay your bills but thrive.

  listen, it doesn’t take courage to pretend that
you have your shit together. 


Willingness to admit something's gotta give.

My Soul's Mission?

For you to have your own blueprint as a
guiding catalyst to "Recipe Free Living"

It’s not as reckless as the Orwellian rule followers would like you to believe. It’s about learning to trust yourself. To allow yourself to strive to greatness without guilt. And to do the work you so deeply long for in this world. 

Why does it matter?

Because a one size fits all” strategy is no way to live your life or run your business.  The truth of the matter is? We’re all born into this world wildly different in terms of desires, capacity, and energy.  Despite what our capitalist, patriarchal overlords want us to believe?  There is no one size fits all dream. The American dream is an authoritarian-impeded fallacy. So, ultimately? The only person that can make your business/career/life work is youFull-flavored, embodied, delicious 100% you.  


  ... AND, TO BE THAT? 

It takes real, uncertainty-be-damned, embodied courage & vulnerability (I support you in building that).  A metric ton of de-conditioning (we do that too).  Then?  You find your own rhythm, and trust yourself to make your own dish for success, and reap the tastiest rewards. (With my support). 

Real talk?  Your unique recipe won’t be found on inspirational posters, at dude-bro seminars where they tout greatness, profit, or impact through three easy steps, or at the bottom of a crackjack box.  It’s in you, my friend.  Let’s unlock it.

Bonus?  Are you working to shift your consciousness, work, & impact away from the white supremacist, heteronormative, patriarchal structures that have ravaged creativity, connection, relation, and joy?  Utterly crucial to trust yourself, because there are no structures for you anyhow!  




One-on-One support for entrepreneurs, leaders, and executives who are looking to create quantum leaps in their entire ways of being.  Coaching from the inside out.  Kind, gentle, practice based.  For visionary humans longing for change…yesterday.  

Looking to bring my recipe-free magic to your corporate leadership strategy, to your team, or your executives?  Click here.

You’ve worked your whole life to be ‘at this level’.  

You’ve upleveled over and over. You’ve mindset tai-chi-ed yourself from where you were to where you are right. now.  You’ve overcome so damn much, and yet… you know there is still more to come. More to move.  More to shift.   

Here’s you in a nutshell:  

*  You’re a consummate leader, lifelong learner, and passionate follower of personal growth.  

*  You know you’re firing on all cylinders.  And your work is important.  

*You love most of your work. Or at least you love the impacts it makes. 

* But also?  Oh my dear, you’re getting a bit tired of it all. 

Here’s the rub:  You’re feeling less than ‘up to snuff’ these days, and you know you’re ready to expand into a new version of you, with less striving.  Because striving? It’s gotten you this far, but now it’s causing you more frustration, anger, bitterness, and disappointment.  

And frankly?  This is as far as you want to go with striving energy in the driver’s seat..  

You’re ready for something a bit softer, a bit more nuanced.  A life that isn’t balanced, per se, because we all know THAT is a myth. But a life and career that feels less heavy.  Something you can put down, and not drop the plates you’re juggling.

I’m here to prove you can put. down. the. damn. plates.  

Welcome to your grand opportunity to find that soft, tender respite from the hustle, to find ferocity and progress blended with quiet introspection.  Where passion and profit and wait for it….nourishment meet.  

That’s what I do.  You and I together co-create your dream world, and expertly craft it into reality. 

My one-on-one work is for deeply ambitious, introspective, and powerful humans who work their asses off in all areas of their lives.  They juggle BIG careers, raise tiny humans, and have gorgeous partnerships with their loves. My clients are film producers, world-famous artists, coaches, CEOs, entrepreneurs, lawyer, mamas, teachers, and community activists.  

Titles aside?   They all come to me with a deep knowing that they are on this earth for a reason and they just want to optimize their magic in greater service without burning out.  

That’s my magic.  Optimization. Scale.  Sustainability. Introspection. And system shifting. Your system and the systems that cause harm in the world.  

We work together for 10 months.  That’s my minimum engagement.  Full. Stop.  

I refuse to provide a half-assed experience for my people.  Because I know what my clients need is a well-held, flexible, but expansive container to fall into. It is what has worked in the past, and continues to provide marked results.  (If you prefer a shorter commitment, I offer 3 day in-person intensives. Email me for more info.) 

All Coaching Packages include:

A Deep Well of a Container 
The container I hold is big.  Bigger than your wildest imagination kind of big.  I see what is possible for you before you can even imagine it, and I hold space for your tender, your fierce, your hopeful., your courageous   

A Virtual Intensive 
Our first call is a deep-dive, we meet for a half-day and go deep and quickly.   It’s clarity of the utmost degree. We dive into your current state of affairs, and peer into your desired state of affairs.  And lunch for that day? It’s on me. (I have magical ways of getting lunch to you!) 

Private Coaching Calls 
We meet for four weeks in a row, to build traction.  Then move to two calls a month. Each call is an opportunity to ally with yourself, and your dreams.  These sessions are fiercely effective, and hold your dreams tenderly. But also give you limited room for bullshit.  

Ongoing, Consistent, Steadfast Support 
You have access to me via Voxer for the duration of our work together.  I am always in your back pocket. Additionally, during our engagement, I do periodic energy clearings for you (when they seem necessary and when you ask for ’em).  I send you a voxer recording of what came up for me during the clearing. Bonus? Oracle card readings as necessary.  

Custom Curated Practices for Integration
Each and every call ends with a clear, concise, and actionable practice.  No, not to do items. Practices built for you to evolve and integrate your new ways of being.  Think of this as a gorgeous way to continue your desired evolution. These are not cookie cutter tools that I keep in a sack and pull out when the time is right.  I build new ones for you each, and every week with the SOUL purpose of expanding your personal and professional capacity.  

Tools For Your Expansion 
As needed, I send you tools for you to add to your toolbox.  Sometimes that is movement classes, sometimes meditations. Some are things I have in my back pocket, and others are crafted just for you.  I send these your way, as needed. 

Oh SHIT calls  
Sometimes shit hits the fan, and you need clarity rapidly.  All packages include a minimum of 3 of these. These urgent sessions can be scheduled at a moment’s notice, and are guaranteed within 24 hours (not including vacations and weekends).  These calls include EFT/tapping if need be.  

Awe and Delight Surprises
I can’t tell you everything that you’ll get.  But let’s just say…I like to spoil my clients.  And spoil them wildly. You’ll get at least one spoil surprise each and every month.  


How to choose your dream package 

First of all, follow your heart/gut/instinct.  And also…TALK TO ME!  I am well-aware that my coaching packages are not cheap. What I can promise you?  They are value packed. I’ve built them with what I wish I could have found in the past for my own developmental journey.  Each level is crafted with the utmost care, and focused on what level of support you might need. All packages are customizable, and start at $10,000.  

Levels of Support

Soul Exploration

This is for you if you’re looking for a deep container, with fast actionables, and without having to leave the comfort of your own home to work together.

  • 2 calls a month
  • 3 Oh SHIT Calls 
  • A Virtual One-Day Retreat  :: I craft a retreat for the day.  And take care of all the moving pieces.  Need a babysitter paid? Got it. Want a massage? Check! Lunch? On me! You might ask how I do this without being there with you? MAGIC.  


Soul Expansion 

 This package includes everything listed in the main package description, plus:  

  • 5 Oh SHIT calls 
  • Two retreats.  All-Expenses but airfare transportation to ‘get you within proximity of the venue’ included.  You get to pick the locations. Choices include: the French Riviera; Paris; NYC; Boulder, Co; Bali; or Door County, WI.  Pick two. No FOMO. 


The Chief Executive

This is for someone who is already making a solid six-figures in their own business as an entrepreneur or someone who is working as a leader within a larger organization with a minimum revenue of $5M and is an executive level leader in the business (with a sold six-figure salary).  

This package includes everything listed above, plus:  

  • One two hour business strategy or leadership strategy call each quarter with me
  • Monthly business traction calls with my COO (If you own your own business, she’ll work on your businesses marketing strategy.  If you’re a figure head, she’ll work on your personal brand building and strategy.  Because this matters a lot these days).
  • THREE private retreats.  The first, will be a business deep-dive at the start of our time together.  Will include a photoshoot (so you have gorgeous photos for your social media/brand/what have you).  The next two? Will be about nourishment, deep grounding, energetic expansion, and rest rest rest. You just have to get yourself to the location, and the rest?  100% covered. I’ve taken clients to Bali, ski vacations in Avon, villas on the coast of France. Each and every detail is custom curated just for you.    I choose two locations, you choose one (anywhere in the world. Truly.)

Here’s the deal gorgeous soul. 

Your big, beautiful, against the norm life is right here.  It’s at your fingertips. In fact it’s already in you.  Our job together for 10 months?  Is to unlock it from the grips of stories, conditioning, societal bullshit, and your own fears.  Once we unlock it? Everything unfurls.  

That’s my promise.





Group leadership retreats around the world, corporate coaching & consulting, visionary tide-change work for individuals and organizations longing to shift how you & your people show up to the table.  Retreats for individuals, corporate workshops, & more.



 Courageous COOKING® 


Recipe-Free Cooking experiences around the world.  Flagship campus at La Pitchoune, Julia Child’s former summer home in the South of France.  Built on the land of Simone Beck, the co-author of Mastering the Art of French Cooking Vol. I & II.  




Marketing strategy to your tastes, preferences, personal design.  Your dream recipe for business momentum.  Values, desires, and Human design driven.  Utterly tailorable.  Marketing school for renegades, and dreamers.  

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