Marketing is the most overused and misunderstood word in online business.

Marketing is NOT 

the number of followers you have.

Marketing is NOT

 building your email list.

Marketing is NOT

 having a beautiful website.

Those are marketing tactics.

Marketing is the
relationship between your brand and
your buyers.

And if you want to increase the impact of your marketing efforts, it’s imperative that you look at the WHOLE picture instead of wasting your time doing all the things the internet gurus tell you.

The truth is: your strategies won't grow your business unless you're paying attention to the REAL Marketing behind it all

You know that your services make an impact.

You know that your clients are literally having life-changing results from your products/services.
You know that it’s time to scale.

But right now…you’re stuck.


Tell me if any of these sound like you...

you've taken all the courses

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you're doing your best

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You're incredibly grateful for the success so far...

And you know there’s more coming your way but OMG it feels like the path you’re on is the longest, windiest road possible and you’re ready to take a dang airplane to get there instead.

You see, all of the marketing tools, techniques and tactics are the icing.

They’re the things that you implement AFTER you have the strategy. But if you’ve never taken the time to actually get clear on YOUR STRATEGY, they’re simply not going to work.

The problem is, you've been icing a non-existent cake.

Your unique strategy is the cake. It’s your foundation.

It’s where you figure out who you are, what your clients need, and create a delicious combination that takes you where you want to go.

Once you’ve made your cake, then you ice it. But without it, you’ve got nothing to ice. Ya with me?

REAL Marketing
is how you bake your cake.

 It’s the step by step process you go through to create a comprehensive overview of you and your audience so you can make the best damn cake for YOU and YOUR AUDIENCE.
(And yes, it can be vegan, gluten-free, paleo… whatever your perfect combo is.)

And, it’s not just for online business owners. This is actual marketing. This is how big brands like Coke and Pepsi have grown into billion dollar household names. And it all applies to YOUR BUSINESS.

So, are you ready to get real?


Introducing: REAL Marketing

A 12-week experience to help you bake your cake, choose your icing, and have your audience knocking down your bakery doors to eat it, too.

Translation: I'm going to help you figure out your brand's full marketing STRATEGY so you can implement your tactics and see actual results.

So, what are the ingredients in

your real marketing cake?


You and Your Business

Who YOU are and how your show up in your business. The why behind your product or service not selling, who your people are and are not, and solving a perceived or actual need. 

engagement + energetics

You and Your Business

Engaging content, building relationship, and SALES.  Most courses cover the energetics of one or the other, we cover both the personal and the professional. 

Analysis and Amendments

You and Your strategy

How to tell when to kick the plan to the curb, shifting tactics, and strategic planning for impact.  (Hint: Successful businesses don’t set and forget tactics or strategies. They adjust for desired impact…and quickly. You can learn how to do it too.)

Lucrative Leverage

You and Your money

If you aren’t making money, you don’t have a business.  Marketing should be profitable!  You’ll learn how to tell if it is or is not, and how to change your approach if you’re not seeing results.  

 PLUS! the tactics required to implement each pillar. 

(Makenna will be inviting guest experts from around the web to come teach tactics that aren’t her zone of genius 100% based on YOUR needs and wants)

After your three months in R.E.A.L. Marketing, you’ll walk away with the knowledge base, the wherewithal, the confidence, the capacity (personally and professionally) AND the long-term support (once you’re in, you’re in) of the R.E.A.L. Marketing community. 

Any updates to the course?  Yours.  Any new material or new insights?  Yours
Everything you need (other than yourself) is included for you to build a profitable, sustainable, integrous business.

Let's bake that cake, my friend!

This is a DONE WITH YOU, one-on-one supported, immersive accelerator.
A twelve week intensive to create REAL yields using R.E.A.L. marketing.


This is not
an E-course.

This is an opportunity and an experience.  It’s like being on a rocket ship that you can join anytime. All for the same price as your average, no assistance, DIY e-course.  How?  I spend less on ads, and more on relationship building & your success.

AND I’m going to be showing you the EXACT strategies (AND TACTICS) that I’ve used to build brands from 10k to 100k in just a years time, from 700 million to over a billion (yeah, I did that as the team lead for a big Fortune 100). Going from a single business CEO to a quadruple business CEO with revenues pushing the 7-figure mark.  AND to do so WITHOUT pushing pain points or manipulating people’s feelings in the process.   

And this system?  Implementable over and over again, and will serve ANY business you start from tomorrow until the end of time.


What Do I Know About Marketing?

She’s been in marketing since the tender age of 16 and has aided in scaling businesses from zero to profits, from 10k years to 100k years, and from revenues in the millions to revenues in the billions.  (Yes, literally). She’s a writer, speaker, trainer, courageous cook, and FOUR Business CEO. (And yes, she sleeps 9 hours a night. And lives a relatively balanced life.  Truly.) 

Before she took to the online world she was a professor of Business and Economics, and was highly sought after as a high-energy teacher who made her classroom frequently laugh with delight with her eccentric metaphors, and curious homework assignments.  Surprise!  She brings that energy to R.E.A.L. marketing too.    

She’s a strange one in the online marketing world, equally resourced in teaching AND marketing know-how.  Which makes her lethal in helping you grow your business.  

Not sure about her yet?  Other neat people like her too, like the fine folks who have featured her at YFS Magazine, MindBodyGreen, CondeNast Traveler, Vogue Online,, and The New York Times (among others).


In Addition to Makenna, we have a number of Co-Facilitators, Course Assistants, and assistant coaches.

Erin Zimmerman

Visibility strategist
Erin is a Visibility Strategist, helping marginalized voices create fun, sustainable action plans to grow their brands and make a name for themselves with ease. She is also a non-profit president, filmmaker + podcast producer, and loves to lift heavy weights and dance ballet! Erin currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri with her husband and their corgi puppy, Sandwiches.

Chris Nylund

Online Curriculum Development and TA
Chris is a rock-n-roll librarian who holds two masters degrees. One in library science, one in online curriculum development. When he's not assisting with the Makenna Held LLC team, he can be found attempting to grow a beard, and mashing the gitfiddle.

Karen Fritz

Accountability Coach
Karen's superpower is to see patterns in chaos. She's a master at taking an ecosystem view to maximize your ROI and free your time, energy, and attention. She applies big concepts in actionable steps and systems to get busy entrepreneurs out of overwhelm and into sustainable success. Karen takes a stand for transforming the fabric of our economic society through business as a force for good at the solo/service level through sustainable integration of strategy, systems, and self evolution.




What's included in REAL Marketing


12 weeks full of

video material, feedback opportunities, opportunities to digest and integrate, all housed in ONE user friendly space



with Makenna with that include business case studies



with Erin to make sure you find the PERFECT coach from our team for you AND to make sure all the resources you need you have access to.


a vibrant community

space delivered via Slack where Makenna is VERY present.  AND there are Teaching Assistants who pop in to make sure your questions get answered.


six 1-on-1 sessions

with a trained, and verified Accountability Coach (NOT Makenna) who has successfully assisted entrepreneurs in scaling businesses and their own as well.  (They have also worked with Makenna for many many moons as a client) 



all you could possibly need to track, implement, and understand if your work is paying off.



We offer weekly opportunities for feedback within the classroom.



A Profit on Purpose Assessment that gives you an in-depth human design reading and an in-depth business audit AND a one-on-one call with Makenna half-way through the course  (Value $1577)

Your Investment?

Payment plans of 4 and 6 months OR pay in full for $2497
But really…It’s $1997 if you show up and do the work…Read our ‘Success Guarantee“.

"We're Invested in Your Success"

Here’s the thing.  EVERYONE has different tastes so we can’t guarantee you’ll love the course, or that you’ll love Makenna.  BUT we know it is the most cohesive marketing course on the internet AND that the material will be useful to you. She WAS a professor of Business after all.  

While we don’t offer refunds, we do offer a completion bonus of $500.  IF you complete the course, implement the tactics and strategies on-time, we’ll give you $500 back as a ‘HUZZAH’ for completing the course.

Yup.  You heard that right.  We will PAY YOU BACK to complete the course.  So if you complete it?  It’s $2000, if you don’t?  It’s $2500.  It’s that simple.  (We call this a ‘we really want you to be successful bonus’.  If you don’t complete on-time, we’ll give you three more sessions with your coach.  We use that $500 to pay them and manage the administration of keeping you onboard an extra month.  Hint:  WE’D WAY RATHER YOU COMPLETE ON-TIME!  Either way, it’s money we’re spending.  We’d rather spend it on YOU!)

WE PROMISE:  NO HOOPS to jump through.  Or sneaky ways to keep your money.

Completion requires TWO things:   

  • Completed assessments for each week done within 90 days of starting the course. 
  • AND showing up on-time and attending all six of your accountability calls.  That’s it.  Easy peasy. 

Not convinced yet?

That's ok! Maybe it's not for you.

BUT, if you still have questions run on over to our Facebook Messenger and ask any question you can possibly imagine!  MAKENNA will answer them herself.  Not a bot, not an assistant.  Makenna herself.   

Investment Options

you’ve got choices


start Now with
6 payments


Get Going with
4 payments


Best Deal
1 payment Now

Pssssst… I didn’t add a line by line ‘value’ breakdown because, value?  Is utterly and completely subjective.  What I CAN tell you, is that I know for a fact that this is the most comprehensive marketing training I have personally run across.  I made sure of it.  Case studies, one-on-one support, AND comprehensive training all in one package.  Personal AND professional.  Strategic AND tactical.  Theoretical AND practical.  It’s the professor in me.  ALL at a really incredible price point.

​​​​​​​A QUICK and DIRTY rundown of everything that R.E.A.L. marketing has to offer?


Personal and professionally focused

Sales AND marketing covered to the umpteenth degree

Built by TWO professors, one with a Master's degree specifically in online curriculum development

Taught by a former professor in Business and Economics

Professional mastery


Practical applications



One-On-One Support

Case studies

Completion Bonus

Payment Plans

Priced the same as Many DIY courses

Have any more questions?  We’d love to answer them! 
This may not be for you. BUT, if you still have questions run on over to our Facebook Messenger and ask any question you can possibly imagine!  MAKENNA will answer them herself.  Not a bot, not an assistant.  Makenna herself.   

Your Investment $2497​​​​​​​

or a payment plan of 4 or 6 months
But really…It’s $1997 if you show up and do the work…Read our “Success Guarantee”​​​​​​​ above.


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Hear more regularly from me!

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