LESS SPIRAL-ING ON ‘WHAT NEXT’ , MORE THRIVING IN the Intention of ‘Now, That’s What’



Right now, you have Infinite choices.  


Two of them?  To do that soul stirring ‘thing’–actualize your vision, craft, work in the world–or….not.  


You get to decide.

Need a nudge?  

Consider this your permanent permission to want what you want, desire what you desire, crave what you crave.  But also know…that the desire for change in and of itself?  Does not actualization make.  





Doing so requires traction (not attraction), honest to god business acumen (not six-figure freedom tactics), and disentangling from the systems of oppression that you’ve been conditioned into, too.   And…that’s where we come in.


Here’s the thing….You & your ideas of doing things differently are exactly what the world needs right now.   Likely, the world needed you long ago.

But here you are.  Now.  In the starting gate.  *insert well-deserved fist bump here*.  And it’s go-time.  

We want you to unlock your sovereign, unfettered vision for your business. We want your most full-flavored, values-led leadership capacity unleashed.  We want you to be able to dive deep into values-driven capital, and make profit on purpose. 

Why?  Because building a six-figure ’empire’ is passé.  And your capacity to be a Sovereign CEO™?  Utterly important to take your vision into traction and actualize it. 


(Note:  A CEO is anyone who runs a business or makes money from their craft.  In this case we use the executive title for the head decision maker.  Not as a vanity title.)


Desires, cravings, and soul longings have a way of bubbling up, your fire & Vision can’t smolder foreveR UNDER THE GUISE OF ‘I’ll do it later’.

Let us be the oxygen that feeds your inner wildfire for cultivating what you long for in this world & your own inner world.

A note from our CEO

I'm Makenna Held, and from a young age, it was clear I was an 'edge pusher'.

 I had big visions for the world.  I wrote my goals in the context of ‘Future Writing’ (a method I teach to this day).  I contemplated infinity.  I had a lemonade stand that made hundreds of dollars a summer.  I sold the most girl scout cookies in my troop every. single. year.  

I’ve been an entrepreneur for as long as I remember.  But spent most of that time feeling guilty about making money…Because so many had so little.  And those with ‘enough’ were constantly complaining about the desire for ‘more’.  It didn’t sit well with me.  

Between that, my bombastic personality, and my extreme height (i’m 6’1″)?  I spent the first 30-ish years of my life trying to ‘find my fit’ in the heteronormative, patriarchy.   So I softened my edges in lieu of traditional metrics of success. Box checking myself on the way…

Then, I took a leap to buy a famous house in France, spent weeks/months fighting of pneumonia, and then I walked on fire.  Literally.  And it cracked me wide the hell open. 

Since then?  I’ve built multiple businesses, and developed methods that I never knew were inside of me…all while keeping my sovereignty in tact. Now?  I support humans out of their conditioned traps.  I coach CEOs that build businesses and leadership methods that have the capacity to shift paradigms of systems that hold back our full capacity.  Outside patriarchy. Outside ableism. Outside racism. To build new ways of goal setting and profitable businesses that uplift ourselves & others, instead of uphold systems we no longer want to be complicit in.  That’s why I built The Art of Traction.  

We're a put your values where your mouth is mission-driven company. And giving back to our community, like the actual community we serve, is baked directly into our business models.



All team members are paid a minimum of $20 an hour, no matter where they are on the team, or what their role is. Never less. Never. No matter where they live in the world. (This means we don't use low-cost services)

We are committed to anti-racist hiring & ways of being, and actively move away from white supremacist, capitalist practices. This does not mean we don't make profits, we just do so in a way that removes exploitation.

We do not engage in manufactured scarcity marketing, predatory pricing practices, or usury fees for payment plans. We actively seek to dismantle reactionary purchasing.

We value diversity, and uphold the notion that diversity is a vast tapestry and not limited to one thing.

The work we do is integrative. It's business consulting, it's economics, it's leadership expansion. And it's deeply rooted in long-term praxis, not quick turnaround methodology. If you want to read about our CEO's history and praxis you can click here.

ALL of our group training programs have built-in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work. We hire experts who train our participants, and pay them a minimum of $250 an hour.

We share these for your knowledge, and for transparency.  You don’t necessarily have to share all of them to work with us.  Values are personal, friends.

Want some info on the Team?


CHECK OUT MY STARs/Personality/Ways of being

Manifesting Generator with a ⅓ profile.  Virgo with a Pisces rising and a Sagittarius moon. Taurus north node. 

I/ENFP (I oscillate between the E and I by a tiny percentage). 


Mrs./Ms.  she/her or they/them


Skiing.  Cooking food for others.  Long hugs.  Community.  Love.  Devotion.  Oracle cards. Clean Beauty.  Smashing my fingers on typewriters.  Watercolor & Ink painting. Travel.

what built MAKENNA (And what SHE built)

Crafting Authority is NOT my jam. Proof of Praxis? Hell yeah.

If you’re looking to hire a consultant & coach with business experience beyond building a six-figure coaching business coaching coaches, I’m your person.  And this is your space.  

Want to get in touch with us?


Want to chat speaking?  Courageous Cooking experiences at your own company?  Team coaching?  Collaborations? Feel free to reach out to us.  We’d love to chat.  

Email Address

team at makennaheld dot com

phone number

Just shout into the void, we’ll answer.  (Kidding)


France, Vera the VW, Colorado, and More…


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