If you find yourself here, it’s likely you’re pretty ready to do things a bit differently. Lead without fabricated authority leading the way.  Find new systems on how to build, pay, expand your team.  Build your business/life/vision without ego driving the cart.  Explore, live, and create in a world thriving in difference, connection, & presence.  Or somewhere therein.  


First things first. You are the authority of your vision. Not me. Not anyone else.

And you & your ideas of doing things juuuuust a bit (or a lot a bit differently) are exactly what the world needs right now.  I want you to unlock your sovereign vision.  Your vivid capacity to dream. Your most full-flavored you.  Why?  Because bland is so 2000.  

At the core of your being, you know there has to be a new/better/more holistic/integrous way for you & us to be in this world together.  There are new technologies to create, new healing to usher in, new stories to tell that haven’t been told, new ideas just waiting to be discovered, new ways of connecting ready to be unlocked.

To LEAD these changes?  You have to have your vision, your strategy to move forward, & your capacity crystal-fucking-clear.   The world needs YOU.  Sovereign. Embodied. At your best and fullest capacity.   That’s our job together, to get there.  (You don’t have to arrive to our work…there.) 


My Work in the World (outside of business)

Our mission together? holistic. Your Vision, oh goodness my love, It matters more than you know.And we're here to expand it, love it, and bring it to fruition.

I’ve spent the past 15 years of my life dedicated to the study of human & Business Potential.  Not the ‘bro marketing’, ‘bio hacking’ notions of “potential”. 

My work is in the systematic unraveling of ‘ConditioneD by Society/Your Mom/Your friends’ Human sufferinG.  All to expand human potential. How?

Academic & Personal study of the philosophical underpinnings of suffering (from ancient Tibetan to Contemporary philosophy/theory) & in context of Peacemaking, International Relations, & Development Economics.

Practice & programs in a vast, yet interconnected array of topics–neuroscience, psychology, human design, anatomy & physiology, Integral Coaching™, Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), Sundoor Firewalking, yoga, quantum physics, mindbody connection, herbalism, Tibetan philosophy, nutrition, Radical Relating™, and functional fitness. *wipes brow* PHEW!

I am constantly in some iteration of my 'own work' in the vein of deconditioning (practices, stories, -isms, relation)

Makenna is a creative force of nature & stunningly good at what she does.

-Karen Hutton, Photographer & Speaker

the how i got here bit

Here's my story

I spent the first 30-ish years of my life feeling like I was on the outside looking in, existing in a world not built for the multitudes humanity (and I) contain.   I was always trying to follow rules that never made sense to me, but try I did. To live in this world, under all these ‘rules’? I slowly tucked away embers of my fire to be more seemingly normal.  To make myself small.  (As a queer woman, this hit even harder.) 

First, my innate intuition was tossed aside, because ‘magic’ makes muggles uncomfortable.  Art, music, dance, writing, any sort of ‘big, hairy, audacious dreams’–they all followed suit, in the service of ‘I’m not good enough’. I got in line, and did as I was meant to.  

I built a mostly simple to digest life, the path of the ‘good girl’. I ticked off each societal, familial, cultural expectation.  And with extreme precision: 

  • Go to college
  • Go to graduate school
  • Get a corporate job
  • Marry someone with a steady career
  • Buy a house
  • Build a 'six-figure freedom business'

But Desires, cravings, and soul longings have a way of bubbling up, your fire & Vision can’t smolder forever.

a sip of oxygen, and i hit  wildfire.

At first, the fire? She engulfed me. I was choking, it was all too much.  So I let her burn away almost everything I had been conditioned to be true.  All the should’s, could’s, and would’s began to melt. I quit everything, closed my six-figure coaching business and moved to the mountains to teach skiing.  Then? Julia Child’s house came on the market.  Against all advice from my business coaches, some friends, most of my family (not all, since some of them are key investors)…I snatched it up. Investing nearly everything I owned into it. My fire brightened. My truths emerged.  

I spent the next year expanding into who I needed to become in order to run 20 retreats/experiences a year in a whole new way.  I learned firewalking. Went on healing journeys. Meditated. Studied tantra. Took leadership workshops.  Hired coaches. Therapists. Healers.  The fire took so much, and gave back in turn.  At the bottom, there was a stripped down me. A me that had few labels, and just…was. 

Then, I filed for a divorce. After seven years of a relationship focused on our mutual destruction… I left my wife.  Divorce was my salvation, and my deepest pain. 

The recipes others had created for success and happiness, flew out the window.   Then I threw out the cookbooks on authoritative leadership/living/business, and forged my own path.  My trap?  Being ‘good’, ‘right’, ‘perfect’ and ‘conditioned’.

My freedom?  Extravagance. A word I know embody as much as humanly possible.  A word derived from medieval Latin meaning ‘Diverging Greatly’.    

Turns out? Practice, Congruence, and Integrity always win over ‘perfect’.  Let’s practice together.   

Me, now?

Here's the basics.


CHECK OUT MY STARs/Personality/Ways of being

Manifesting Generator with a ⅓ profile.  Virgo with a Pisces rising and a Sagittarius moon. Taurus north node. 

I/ENFP (I oscillate between the E and I by a tiny percentage). 


Mrs./Ms.  she/her or they/them


Skiing.  Cooking food for others.  Long hugs.  Community.  Love.  Devotion. Talking about sex as healing practice. Oracle cards. Clean Beauty.  Smashing my fingers on typewriters.  Watercolor painting. Travel.

what built me (And what i've built)

Crafting Authority is NOT my jam. Praxis? Yah, that's a thing.

If you’re looking to hire a coach with experience beyond building a six-figure coaching business coaching coaches, I’m your womxn.  

  •  18+ years of experience in corporate and small-business marketing, operations, & coaching (from new business owners to Fortune 500’s).  
  • I led the marketing and operations team that took a Fortune 500 over the billion dollar a year mark, back when that was novel.
  • I’ve built a lot of businesses as an entrepreneur, and have made myself/investors A LOT of money. (Money is a metric, but not the only thing that matters. Fuck capitalism, but it’s a metric nonetheless.)  
  • In the past four years, I’ve facilitated more than 75 retreats for over 400 people.  With a 30% return rate to future events
  • I founded and co-created a non-profit in Kenya, which was the first example of locally-trained design thinking work being used in development work.
  • I have reputable certifications and degrees. Happy to forward my CV on request, or you can visit my LinkedIn.  


Makenna Held is a writer, educator, and serial entrepreneur.  Her vast experience spans from Academia (leading classrooms as a favorite professor), to Marketing (directing the world’s largest (and most lucrative) online advertising funnel), to Non-Profit Work (founding a non-profit in rural Kenya that shattered ideas of how ‘development’ work could be done), to Business Leadership (now operating as the CEO of four businesses).  Most known for being ‘the woman who bought Julia Child’s house’, her work is committed to exploring paradigms of the human condition including liberation, human potential, and the essence of suffering. Through her cooking schools, coaching, writings, and live events she inspires humans to live lives of purpose and intention through obliterating conventional wisdom and cultivating their own ‘recipes’, to allow deeply resonant, and personal truths to shine through. She and her work has been featured in,, Bon Appetit, Food & Wine, Forbes, CondeNast Traveler, and more.”

Media Photos up for Grabs

Looking for ways we can engage Together?

Media Opportunities


I love to speak to groups at events, corporate brown-bag lunches.  Size doesn’t matter.  Topics? Cooking as understanding of self, business as activism, entrepreneurship, and collective, visionary leadership.


Want me on your podcast? Your summit?  Your TV Show? Here’s the deal, I’m a yes unless you care about specific numbers on lists, etc.  I don’t share that info.  



I collaborate with other brands on occasion.  And love sharing resources with others.  Sponsoring events, and doing product collabs are my favorite.  


what else I'm up to

My work(s)

That’s not close to what else I’ve got up these flour-dusted sleeves. Meet a few other of my entrepreneurial pursuits. (Click their names to visit)

A family lifestyle band. Retreats.  Adventure Travel for the rest of us. A work in progress, launching 2021.

The Courageous Cooking School has two flagship campuses…La Pitchoune, in the South of France and Leading Fields, in Woodstock, VT.  We also host pop-ups around the world

A fledgling leadership training company for entreprenerus and mid-career leaders looking to shift their capacity and fast.

Redistribution of power in the music industry.  Women owned.  Disruptive funding for musicians.



Want to chat speaking?  Courageous Cooking experiences at your own company?  Team coaching?  Collaborations? Feel free to reach out to me.  I’d love to chat.  

Email Address

team at makennaheld dot com

phone number



France, Vera the VW, Colorado, and More…


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